Posted on Mar 30 , 2010 in News

Tonight i was out at the local book album and buy store, whatever you want to call it, and picked up Charles Bukowski book Post Office. Been wanting to read a Bukowski book for a while and get into his work a little bit.  I almost went with Blood Meridian by Cormac McCarthy, but i have already read two of his books so decided that will be one for down the road.  But i’m definitely looking forward to reading this story, his style of writing his kind of dark and funny.

Also picked up Valley of Neptune by Jimi Hendrix.  Its a unreleased studio album with the unreleased song Valley of Neptune on it.  Hendrix is always an easy buy….Too bad my mac’s cd/dvd drive is fucked right now….or i would be listening to it.  The lowsy drive is making some really sad noises…i think its hit the end of the road..