First Blood

Posted on Mar 10 , 2010 in News

Its with great excitement that we are letting all you cave dwellers and cosmic crusaders know that we will be releasing our first full length album very soon!  The album title will be First Blood….

First Blood will consist of 10 tracks mostly in the rock/psych/stoner vein that we love running our blood through.  It will send you on whirlwind of groove and some fast paced excursions.  It really has something for anyone if they are living in the clouds or slithering through a hole.  The main theme of the album is sex, drugs and rock n’ roll…without being cliche.

We are anticipating the release of First Blood on 4/2010.  There is no exact street date, since we have to wait for the UFO to bring it back from outerspace.  (Aliens have a great way of producing and mastering albums.)  A track listing will be given once all the details are worked out.

The album release party will be on 4/10/10 at the Appalachian Brewing Co in Harrisburg PA.  Also performing the party will be Vulgarrity and providing the party music The Thing with Two Heads.  Show begins at 9 pm and is free to enter.