Join us in the worm hole…

Posted on Mar 10 , 2010 in News

Right now we are working on mixing First Blood.  Its a process and a half (yes, we are the UFO seen doing the music edits and mixing in the starry sky.) but we are loving every moment of it.  For First Blood we decided to DIY everything.  So the sounds you hear, the images you see and the producing that was done was by myself (bones), Capt. Pat and Member #3 (Woolf).

I think i can speak for the rest of the 91s this is the best work we have done so far in our life span on Mother Earth.  As of todays Earth date, i’m currently working on adding effect and hardness (maybe smoothness) to the guitars.  Yesterday, just got done getting the bass and drums dialed in…and i might still do a little bit of work on those as well. 

We have a bunch of photos from recording, but they have not been put up on the world wide web, since we are too busy with some things…but in do time.