Mixing complete…time for First Blood

Posted on Mar 26 , 2010 in News

Its a few months in the making at this point for First Blood to come to the end of its mixing/recording run.  (I guess we could say 3 months to be exact.)  The end of the beginning is just that.  This album will have legs, arms, brain and a heart to beat to anyone who gives it a listen.

This was my first time mixing a full length album for any band, let alone a band i’m also playing in.  It became a very concentrated and cosmic experience the way of listening and picking out things with the sounds and songs.  It kind of flipped my head at times and made me feel overwhelmed (maybe its the whole deadline thing…), but i always focused on the goal of getting this album to a rock standard that many levels of listeners could love… or hate.

With any music I produce, I always wish i had more time to mix.  Its such a tedious process sometimes where I don’t want to keep fixing stuff for too long or the rawness of the dry recordings could be losed and thats something i wanted to keep with this first record for the 91s.  Thats usually my only fear…I always have a great respect for the rawness of the sound, how it should sound entering that microphone.  There are those sounds on the album that everyone will hear that you know some production trick was added, but thats all in the vein of flavor and making the hair on your ears twitch.  Thats a side of recording i’m learning to embrace as much as the rawness of the recording.  As with anyone starting out or being a young producer, its a feeling out process of how to get certain sounds.  I feel like this record demonstrates the sound we are trying to achieve and this is just the first step into bigger things for the next album.

Before i start thinking about the next album too much already, this album will def get your rock socks off. haha.  We should be receiving the finished product, album artwork and disc, from the magical printing press early next month.  Then we will be on the promotion boat for a while making sure we get our hardwork into the ears and minds…So be alert my friends, it will be here soon.