We are…91s

Posted on Mar 10 , 2010 in News

It has been a heavy ride to get where we are at right now.  91s have been friends for years and it just seemed to happen that we all love stoner, psychedelic rock n’ roll…

That being said, we are looking forward to bringing our brand of music to your ears and eyes.  We have been working on this yetti of a project since about May of 2009.  Its something that all three of us say is our most special project to date.  We live the music and hope for you to breathe it in and out with us.

There seems like there is no use to tell you where we are from and where we are going right now since its all has to be manifested first.  And trust the cosmos, we are working on everything.  But for now, just take in what the 91s are providing for your heavy riding!