Moog is on the album…

Posted on Apr 08 , 2010 in News

There is something that we left out on the album credits that i wish we didn’t have.  I played Moog on the album.  If you haven’t noticed, there is those certain sounds on songs that don’t sound like a guitar or bass…its the MOOG. 

Check out the songs once you get the album and see if you can figure what songs have Moog and where it is in the songs.  Sometimes its subtle and somtimes its in your face.  I really love the Moog and all the sounds you can get from it.  I currently own the Lil Phatty Tribue Edition….Bob Moog’s last synth he created.  All the Moog sounds came from that bad ass piece of machine.

The more and more we write, hopefully the more spacey we become with some moog here and there.  Maybe one day it will eventually hit out live show, maybe not.  But it does make the recordings sound just that more awesome to your ear hairs….