Thank you, Thank you

Posted on Apr 16 , 2010 in News

Thanks to every single person that came out to a show in either Rhode Island or Pennsylvania last weekend.  The roadtrip from RI to HBG was freaking awesome!!!  Probably one of the best times i’ve had with band members on a road trip.  Its a totally different vibe with us, we’ve been friends for so long its just like a party every moment we’re together.

We officially started selling the debut album First Blood this past weekend and have sold about 1/3 of our limited release pressing of the album.  A special thanks to anyone who picked up the album.  It really helps motivate the cosmic workings in our brains and makes us want to dive into writing new material asap.  The official release date of First Blood is next week on 4/20.  Some other great musical talents are also bringing out a disc on 4/20….Willie Nelson and Cypress Hill.  I can only wonder why….

We have a show on 4/24 @ Mercado’s in harrisburg.  The rocking will be in full force with our friend Aaron Miller joining in on the heavy riding.  We will be playing 2 full sets and Aaron will be doing an acoustic set….we also hopefully we’ll get Aaron up on some jams with us as well.

I’m still waiting for tickets for the Pearl, Planeside, Digital Elvis show @ Dragonfly on 5/2.  As soon as I get them we will be getting them into your lovely finger tips.  Until we see ya, keep the riding HEAVY!!!