Warm Shots

Posted on Apr 02 , 2010 in News

It feels great outside right now.  It doesn’t feel great to be stuck inside though.  So if anyone is reading this at exactly this moment, or the next few hours, go out and enjoy it for me…..

As of this week, The Thing with Two Dicks is not playing the album release party.  Not sure why, we were going to pay them, it was going to be a real cool show, people that wouldn’t ever think about going to see them do their thing would show up and see them.  But i guess when you have other plans, you have other plans.  So they will not be at the album release….so make way for DJ iBones!!!  Thats right, who can stay up with the fury of the iBones…try me.

I seriously don’t mind talking shit when i feel its appropriate.  It gets old when deal with flake balls of people…

Anyways, the album release is going to be the best thing going on Saturday April 10th.  I dare you find something better than seeing us and Vulgarrity deliver some fine fine rock music.  Don’t be lame and just go to a bar you hangout every week and do the same old shit….come down to a fuckin rock show, and get your rocks off!!!