Get your tracks herrrreee!!

Posted on May 12 , 2010 in News

Rocking out to The Feds, Big Foot Goes to Heaven.

First Blood is now up on iTunes and Amazon finally…since i got my ass together and finalized all the inbetween items that need to be done for shit like that.  So you can now purchase the digital file of the album on the magnificent internet.  Whoever is reading this right now, just go buy a few tracks for our sake!  Just so we know that some heavy riding is being done somewhere out the bubble we are currently riding in.  We also need the Nielsen hits..(joking)..we’re beyond that stuff which is killing the unknowing brainnnn.  I know there some people in Sweden and Germany…even Japan that probably would like to see what were doing…so if you’re reading this too…go GET some First BLOOD.

Things are working over here…we are working…many idea mounting and storming.  So when they get a little more solid in the next month we will let you all the cavernous details…goes its getting DEEEEP.

Check out the flier for the next show…i like spelling it flyer, but that’s WRONG.  Fuck it, the flyer is sharp like the blade.

Time to get back to the SHC….