International Heavy Riding

Posted on May 20 , 2010 in News

So, i put the vibe and conciousness out for people from all nations to join in on the heavy riding ….and some people have listened!  I dont know if it was from reading the last blog or if it was from the thoughts in my brain transcending thru space into the minds of the KNOWING.  Thanks to the person in France and the person from Rio De Janeiro Brazil who have purchased the album this past week.  I will be contacting you to see what you think or how you found out the brave words of…heavy riding.

Now if you haven’t bought the album and wanna join suit, just visit any of the links that will take you to the sounds.  It would be amazing to have the countries of Switzerland, Japan, Belgium, Holland and more to join in on the sound expansion as well.  This is all for the cause of heavy riding expansion and all of us are generals in the fold.  Hopefully this is only the beginning of the affect 91s will be having on the international community.  Maybe one day we’ll get picked up by an international label and we will bring the heavy riding right to your eardrum live.  Lets become a massive symbol of what is it take the feeling and make it into a lifestyle!