That is a UFO…

Posted on Jun 25 , 2010 in News

Last night, my girlfriend and I were hanging out in the backyard of our house.  We thought it would be a cool idea to go out in the backyard party it up a little bit, enjoy the surroundings and see all the lightning bugs. 

We were standing there talking about something random looking into the northern sky when all of a sudden this flash appeared and then the flash streaked acrossed the sky for about 2 seconds and then burnt out.  At first i thought it looked like a flare or a firework of some kind, but i realized there was no sound whatsoever with the flash.  No bang…no boom…nothing. 

So i started trying to rationalize just because it was a freaky thing to witness.  I was hoping it was an actual UFO, but i started using my science mind and thinking maybe it was a satellite burning up in the atmosphere or an asteroid or shooting star of sorts.  It also reminded me of images i’ve seen before of explosions in the sky…space shuttles/planes exploding.  I wanted to run to where I thought it landed just to see if it could be explained.  But still I can’t.

We are playing this Saturday night at Bube’s Brewery…..you will see many UFOs out there!  To the galaxy we go…