Your experience is infected

Posted on Jun 07 , 2010 in News

Haven’t really been posting blogs or the such online as of lately.  Its mostly do to the fact that i have been battling this ear problem for the last week and a half.  Two thursday’s ago I started getting this pain and swelling in my right ear.  We played the show we had scheduled at now the worst venue in central PA, Gullifty’s, and after that show the next day it was even worse.

Last Monday, taking the safe route father than being stubborn, I decided to go to the doctors to get it checked out.  He pretty much said it looked like the outer part of the ear was infected which he then “lanced” my ear and let some of fluid drain out of it.  It was a little painful but it did the trick for the time being.

When Friday rolled around, i noticed that i was getting this bigger goider(sp?) near my ear lobe.  It kind of freaked me out so i showed it to my personal nurse, kristin, and she said the ear looked better than it was so i gave it a few more days.  Now today i feel a lot better..i’m not taking anything for the pain and it looks like the goider turned into a full blow pimple which i proceeded to pop the fucker this morning.  So i’m going to be positive and hopefully this infection/pimple is gone by the weekend.  I felt like i needed to share this because this truly put me in a bubble for about a week and a half.  Being a musician too…its scary to think your hearing is messed up from something in your ear.  Since my ears are my vessle for heavy riding!

I’m also going to address the last show for a moment.  Pretty much I feel like the band and the other bands…even the patrons of the last show got shafted.  First off, you don’t tell me 5 minutes before the shows going to start that the show is going to end an hour earlier than stated.  We advertise a time and tell people a time and you don’t change it up last second.  The patrons got shafted do to the bartender working the downstairs was down right horrible and didn’t give a shit…who the fuck is going to what to go back to your place if your bartender isn’t serving anybody and is just bitching about who the hell knows…

Also the bands brought out about 30-40 people….its not the greatest number, but it was Memorial Day weekend and we adverstised like crazy too.  But in the end, none of the bands got paid for the night.  So to make this to the point since i do not want to seem too bitchy, I will never play that venue again.  I’m not fuckin 18 or 19 anymore where i will swallow the shit a venue puts in front of me…i’m 27 and if you act like that i’m going to tell you FUCK OFF.

Anyways, next show is June 18th at Appalachain Brewing Company w/ The Refugees and The Jelly Bricks…..