Soul of the Earth

Posted on Jul 07 , 2010 in News

Sometimes she screams at me in my head and i don’t know if I’m awake or asleep.  Is there a possible coma on the way your constant pumping is making all of us spew into the mouth of the gully?  Its a big wide open mother fuckin gully and there’s no way to tell if it will stop when we say so.  The only hope we have is to see it burn into the abyss…cause that’s what Mother would have wanted.  You created it..and now you don’t know how to sort out all the nasty darkness from the Soul of the Earth.

The two unknown figures I see behind the blinders make it feel like there is something powerful watching us.  It always calls with no words or sound but the gesture of power.  This power makes me fly, makes me dance, makes me wanna be part of all your glory…but the pride of most, ruins the glory of you.  No running for you Mother, you can only look the nasty in the dead dead eye.

But eventually comes the part where you’ll have all us running scared.  We will never learn that the ignorant have always underestimated you since the beginning of our time.  There is no greed or pride with the swift swing of your sword.  Magnificence lies in the greatness of your body alone….and the last agitation will make you unravel and explode for what we have taken from the depths all our lives.  There is no compromise when it gets down to the bleeding of the Soul of the Earth.