Album review from the Stoner Hive and more

Posted on Aug 17 , 2010 in News

Pat found an awesome review for us at stonerhive.blogspot.com the other day.  I believe, if my instincts provide true, it is from a guy in Sweden that happened to pick up the disc.  Seriously…probably one of the best reviews that could be written about the band.  It hits it on the nail so straight that it seems like one of us in the band wrote the review.  Guy did his research REALLY well….and has a great taste in tunes.  I even checked out Goatsnake in which he compared me to the vocalist on there and i’m into it.  Here’s the link that goes directly to the review:  91s First Blood Review on Stoner Hive.

We also got a little review from HBGOnline…..Its not as cool as the Stoner Hive review, but lets you get another perspective of the bands work.  It seems like so far we have been compared to a lot of bands in the stoner/rock genre….Grand Funk – Butthole Surfers.  You get the picture…Here’s the link to that review:  HBGOnline 91s First Blood review

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