Hot Hot Basement

Posted on Aug 12 , 2010 in News

We haven’t been hitting the pavement for july or august at all….there is a reason we have been keeping to the hot hot basement aka dark country.  The reason….more tunes, more concepts, more of what you need to see the other side of the mountain.  Not to be too vague but we’re writing a new album.  I know, I know…we keep being vague about it…but its going to be that way until we get closer to releasing all the grandure and hype that we will more than certain live up to….

In the meantime, we do have two shows scheduled for September, so we can keep our show legs strong for the heavy riding.  September 5th, Sunday before Labor Day, 91s will be at Dragonfly Club for the 4 & 3 Music Fest.  There is going to be over 30 bands (a lot of good ones at that) and it will be on all three floors of the club.  We will be playing around 7:30 that night (early enough for you early birds) and most likely will be in the Spy Club part of the club.  We should have tickets real soon….  That same week, Sept 10, 91s will be in York, PA at The Depot with two great band Witch Hazel and Zelazowa.  That will be $5 and its going to kick your fucking ass!

Right now, like always, we have a bunch of things in the works to keep you earth dwellers and cosmic crusaders interested in the HEAVY RIDING.  Saturday we will be having some new and improved promo shots done by our good friend Nathaniel T.  We have some cool ideas for the pictures, but if any of you creative geniuses have any of your own ideas, please share them with us by emailing theburnmammoth@gmail.com.  We also are in the works of getting a new video together for a song off of First Blood.  The song will probably be Hold Out….so expect some visuals for that in the next month.  New shows also in the works for the fall time…we will KEEP YOU IN THE COUNTRY