The Wax-idemic

Posted on Oct 25 , 2010 in News

There is something going on…and its been going on for a really long time.  There’s an itch in your ear and then it makes you want more.  Once you get the itch you’ll have it at different stages.  I’m not talking about an STD but something that deals with your audio well-being.  It’s a Wax-idemic!

That’s right brothers and sisters, it is something that can affect each and every little hair in what you hear and it starts with the turntable and some vinyl disease.  Recently more than ever I have personally been throttled by this “want” for more vinyl to my collection.  It started with getting a few selections from my dad’s stash of old records and then it turned to going to swap and flea markets to get some more gems.  Then it turns into almost a nasty NEED of going onto ebay and trying to find unique little gems you want in your personal collection.

Over the past few months it feels like I almost tripled my neat little collection of records.  Finding music from the early 70s and late 60s has been my mainstay for the moment.  It really is worth trying to find that original record you always wanted to hear in the original format of the time.  There’s uniqueness and what the sound gives you and what it takes from you from the impurities of that needle….but still tons of purity in the format your listening.

With how music is shaped nowadays with the mp3 format, (which i think is great for music) there is something about looking at the big record and listening to an album side A…then switching to side B.  The attention spans are lost but they can be found once you put a record on that you want to hear from beginning to end and get the satisfaction of what the artist was going for the whole way through.  That’s why 91s as a collective want very badly to put our next release out on vinyl/wax.  We all love what vinyl still does for music and why it needs to be on the format along with a digital format for the future seekers.

So if you have not yet started to see the Wax-idemic.  I hope this has made you WARNED!!!!