A year…let’s go for 2!!

Posted on Nov 17 , 2010 in News

This weekend will celebrate our first year of playing shows for all the Cosmic Crusaders and Earth Dwellers.  Lets give a hand to all the creative energy we have been putting out since last year and throwing it into the ears of the one’s who love to rock.!  Our show November 20th @ Spy Club will be our 365 and 1/3 day show that will celebrate our entry or reentry into the Earth’s atmosphere of sound!!!!!!

We hope that you all love every second of every day!  So keep pumping the jams and rocking the world because for the next 1 day to 365…we will be rocking with you all!  Thanks to to all the people who have given us a chance to have our songs play one time in your brain.  If you have experienced one song, one time you have experienced more than most people experience in their entire lifetimes! It’s a true statistic just ask your local politician……..

Right now the western hemisphere should pick up the new Classic Rock Magazine (PSYCH EDITION) which has a blurb about us and have the 91s as i believe track 1 on the compilation CD.  The track is…..WAR HAMMER.

It’s political…..