Classic Rock and Stock Sounds

Posted on Nov 03 , 2010 in News

November in the UK we are featured on the Classic Rock magazine compilation CD.  It’s available wherever you get that kind of rag in the UK….what’s a chain store that sells it?  You tell me!  I haven’t been to the UK in a long time.  Maybe they sell that mag at the local mart?  We are track 1 on the comp…and the track is War Hammer.  If you wanna hear War Hammer song you can go here.  Don’t worry it’s not a spam site…just myspace…….The track will also be in the December issue of Classic Rock magazine in the USA.  You can get that at Border’s, Barne’s and Noble’s maybe…if they stock up on the newest issue. ha.

Here’s some stock sounds recorded fresh just yesterday.  This footage is courtesy of Hippie Costanza.  I enjoyed doing it…i had to get some time in on the Moog cuz it has been a little bit since i played on it.  I dont know why I called it “Science” but that was the first word Moog reminded me of…

This friday night November 5th i’m excited to say that we will be opening up for Project Object featuring Ike Willis and Ray White doing Frank Zappa tunes.  Show starts at 8 pm.  It will be at the Appalachian Brewing Co. in Harrisburg PA.  This ties well in with my last post Wax-idemic….with my current disease i have picked up about 7 Zappa records in the last little bit of time.  Really get into his stuff on vinyl…So many records to encounter.