Intensify the End of 2010

Posted on Dec 22 , 2010 in News

This is your chance to make the most out of the last 9 days of this mother fuckin year of our sir lord baltimore 2010!!!!

We have just uploaded TWO tracks to our myspace player, Blue Skirt Demon and Hold Out.  Go do some heavy riding to the tracks if you haven’t got the album yet and do yourself a favor and live it up for the next year coming forward in the life our sacred calendar!!

91s are working on a bunch of new riffs, beats, vibes, rhymes, mood, throaty, tunes for a new album for up and coming year….most likely.  So that means we will be spending most of the winter months hibernating to create the solid body that will be SHC.  We are working on the ship….so it will be safe to burn into the new adventure!

Once we get a firm hand on the breast of sound, we will be setting up some awesome shows for the Spring of ’11.  Still trying to gauge where we will be displaying the sounds…trying to get some feedback still from that end of the bizzzzz.  But anyways everyone have a great end of the year and go out with a fucking BANG!  We will be hopefully seeing all of you very soon with some SUPER NATURAL sounds!