We Do Big Things

Posted on Jan 26 , 2011 in News

I don’t know who else got amp’d up from Obama’s speech last night, but I did.  That man can give a hell of a speech!  It doesn’t even matter if you believe in what he is saying or not, the delivery is always on point.  I keep having the We Do Big Things motto in my head and it makes me want to go back to Cosmic College.  Oops…but i never left Cosmic College and have been there for at least half my life or more do to growing up with a Alley Yeti.  You need inspiration and sometimes a drinking game can make a speech that more epic from hearing the words jobs, America, invest(ment) and reform (double)…and for standing ovations as well, ha.

The We Do Big Things is hitting home right now because we are leading ourselves up the to the peak of the high country to Do Big Things.  Two weeks ago we started are first round of pre-production/writing for a new album.  We are taking our two giant handfuls of riffs and tunes and compiling into our finest piece of work.  It will be forged and heavy riding will be a mainstay for the remainder!  There is really no timetable on when it will complete since right now we are yet again doing it on our own.  But since its too early to tell what might come out of all this we won’t rest on being Settlers until us 3 know the time is RIGHT!

Since we are working on songs for a new album we aren’t going to be playing too much until the Spring.  Our next show will be Saturday Feb. 19th @ Coakley’s Irish Pub in New Cumberland PA.  This event is titled 91s vs Coakleys vs King Ghidorah in celebration of playing there at this same time last year. haha.  It was at the time our 2nd show ever and we really killed it…we also met Dick and the Deer Gutters that night!  Whooooweeee!  Come see us Feb. 19th at Coakley’s…