Ninety-Ones (91s)

Posted on Feb 16 , 2011 in News

Looks like we are already rebranding ourselves… Not totally, but there is different ways to look at a piece of art or a name depending on your experiences in the past.  It seems like right from the beginning we have been getting variations of the band name.  Lots of people like calling it The 91’s (with the apostrophe….meaning we OWN it.) That is most common..but the way we intended was just 91s.  No possession and no “the.”  Like if it was written out:  Ninety-Ones.  I even just double checked to see if any musical groups are called “Ninety-Ones” and there are zero in this internet…maybe on a parallel internet yes.  So, don’t think it’s a different band if you see a t-shirt or maybe a show poster with the name Ninety-Ones on it…talk to member#3 or me..maybe the capt. too!!! Cosmic conquering you should expect from us three.

I have also caught an artistic/visual bug in a good way.  The other day I was about to start a show flyer for our show coming up March 8th with J Roddy Walston and the Business and i was searching for images on the net to do my usual cut, paste and photoshop deal but didn’t like anything i was seeing.  So i said “fuck it” and got on the ball for drawing some original artwork for the flyer.  It started off with a motion of the pen and turned into some outerspace psychedelic creation. Now we can all share!