Game time…Pretzel Roll

Posted on Mar 10 , 2011 in News

So i started this night off with about 8 rounds of Yuengling Lager off the tap in the Yeti’s basement.  Always a memorable moment with the Yeti.  I dont know how many of us get to personally hang out with a Yeti multiple times in our lives, but it’s something to go for if you’re living at the edge of Earth.  It feels good to be king…in some way… and the Yeti will get you there!

That moment led to this moment..

This is the fuel!  This is the fire!  But it’s game time on a lot of fronts.  On our front we are in the 2nd round of the Heavy Planet March Bandness Bracket Breaker Psych Region Northern Lights!  Go here to vote:  Scroll down and vote 91s! The Yeti won’t be voting because he doesn’t know hot to use youtube….but you can vote for us.  Don’t be afraid to let other people know about 91s too, especially if you’re diggin it, freak.

We also had a great time playing out Tuesday night at Appalachian Brewing Co.  J Roddy Walston and The Business are a rock n’ roll band you must see

in the flesh!  Great stuff coming from Rod and the biz.  I wish i would of got some video of them…but Hippie Costanza got a little bit of video of us..

Everything is in motion, more to come!