FLOOD! Get to a higher level

Posted on Sep 08 , 2011 in News

I just noticed that i haven’t posted something since APRIL…and it was RAINING and that’s kind of ironic to what i’m about to say…  Since now it’s FLOODing on from the “deep down Susquehanna River.”  The massive entity that flows into another massive entity known as the Chesapeake Bay into the Sea.  It’s raging!  Makes me glad i’m up by the “highway on the hill”, but at the same time where’s the boat?!

Right now some people don’t even know what there going to do about their homes, so everything else seems a lot less meaningless.  But hopefully everybody we know down in that area is hunkering down heavy rider style.  We are supposed to play one of our first all ages shows in a while on Saturday Sept 10th at Boondocks Club in York Haven PA….if the great flood of ’11 doesn’t have anything to say about it.  We will have an set of epic proportions because we are working on the greater story of the flood of ’11 known as the Supernatural High Country!  And as we speak we have are trying to transport Captain Pat by boat from the 10th floor in downtown HBG to Hi-Way Recording HQ.  It’s not an easy task and only a member #3 could do it!  So, let’s get to the action!!!