’11 in Retro

Posted on Dec 28 , 2011 in News

As I look back upon the last year I can check some things off my “bucket list” in ways of music viewing.  I got to see for the first time in the flesh ZZ Top and Soundgarden.  Two of the most influential bands to hit the scene for a lot of people and this was the first year i got to see them.  To say I wish i could of seen them at a different time is kind of looking in hindsight…cuz i wasn’t born when ZZ Top was rocking europe in ’80 and I picking up a copy of Soundgarden’s SuperUnknown on cassette tape at a local phar-mor when i was 11 years old was the closest I got to hearing them at that point.

This past month I also got to see Kyuss in a reintroduced form…and it was just as good as the first form, but I never got to see them in the 90s either.  But all in hindsight.  For what bands are reemerging and showcasing how they still play is one of the highlights to show the songs that will never stop rotating throughout time.  Its good to see a band like Soundgarden playing songs that haven’t been played for 15 years.  Or bands like ZZ Top that still has all its original members after 40+ years.  It shows that the beat goes on…and the beat goes on…yeahhhh

We also lost that man.  Who anyone who rides around in the Supernatural High Country knows that space is the place when you’re driving down that lonesome highway….and the beat goes on.  Just got to know you ride it heavy until there’s no more time.  Next year is what we’re aiming for.  SHC in 2012