Twelve Twenty-One Twelve

Posted on Dec 21 , 2012 in News

The gates have opened!  The time of complete consciousness is right at our mindset.  It is Twelve Twenty-One Twelve.  Two thousand and twelve years by terms of a time frame.  The gregorian calendar, modern calendar, was introduced in the 1500s by the Pope of the catholic church.  The Maya calendar predates that and that has now supposedly ended. Endings are just the beginning of something new.

I’m still waiting on the spaceship to come back, we all want a seat on the ship.  There is still a vast amount of time and space that if you take time to understand it as a human being it’s hard to wrap your head around.  Genuinely you have to be true in mind’s sight to really see it.  We ALL can see it right now if we just tried and took time to get away from the pressing issues and demands of society and become one with one.  The instruments to do it are there and by the status quo some say no, the others not on that train say YES.  I say Yes.  Let’s all say Yes.

Today for solstice the English Heritage, the organization that oversees Stonehenge, let 5,000 people gather by the stones.  Usually you can only be an onlooker behind fences and not even get close to the glory and reverberation of this massive astronomical and earthing structure.

I personally would of loved to been there with the pagans and druids and all the other beings that appreciate the magnitude of something as simple yet complex as Stonehenge.  It’s events like these that why i love our nature as people.

It’s relatable to seeing a great musical performance, something close to perfection in your own mind and relating to everyone else at the same exact moment.  Like reading someone else’s mind or knowing where the next part of the jam is taking the band.

Let the gates open!  We will see everyone in the Supernatural High Country soon enough!