Supernatural High Country Vinyl

Posted on Jan 15 , 2014 in News

Been a while….but it’s going to be well worth it!

In a few weeks the anticipation will be over for us and anyone that’s been interested in buying our 2nd studio album, Supernatural High Country (SHC), on vinyl.  This has been almost 3 years in the making from when we first started working on some of the first tunes on this album til the point of it finally being pressed on wax.  It was our goal the whole time to get this album on vinyl since it’s some of the best work we have ever done musically, collectively or solo.

The album is being pressed by United Record Pressing, which from what i am now aware is the biggest vinyl presser in the world.  We already got our test pressings back and from listening many times to it, this album was meant to be on the vinyl format.  SHC will be on 180 gram vinyl for all you audiophiles that like your wax a little bit thicker.  We will have some surprises and interesting things in with the albums itself but we won’t give that info away.  There will be a digital download card of SHC that will be in with the vinyl…that’s one thing we can let you know about.

There was plans to do a pre-order of the SHC vinyl, but at this point, since we have already paid it off and we have some other plans in mind i think we will be nixing the idea of a pre-order.  The main reason is that for our two vinyl release parties, January 31st at Appalachian Brewing Co. & February 1st at The Depot, we will be selling the vinyl of the album for only $10!  That’s right only $10!!!  Finding any sort of 180 gram vinyl for that price is almost unheard of.  This will be for these two shows only, so get it while the gettin’ is goooooood.  The price will go up slightly after this depending on the retailer and how much feedback we get.

We will also have a drawing for a test pressing of SHC at both the vinyl release parties. As some of you may know, test pressings are a hard thing to come by and a lot of people have never had the privilege to own one. All you need to do is show up at either show, pay to get in, and then you can enter the drawing to win a SHC test pressing. DO IT.

Check out this video promo for our January 31st vinyl party that was created by Marie Ubaldini Photography.  Many thanks to Marie for creating this rad promo!

Vinyl release party will be TWO nights.  Since we like to party it was only right to make it a double banger!

January 31st @ Appalachian Brewing Co – Harrisburg PA – w/ Only Living Boy, Lebowskis and Timmy and the Creeping Thyme – Doors at 8 pm

February 1st @ The Depot – York PA w/ Witch Hazel and Foghound – Doors at 8 pm