Twelve Twenty-One Twelve

Posted on Dec 21 , 2012 in News

The gates have opened!  The time of complete consciousness is right at our mindset.  It is Twelve Twenty-One Twelve.  Two thousand and twelve years by terms of a time frame.  The gregorian calendar, modern calendar, was introduced in the 1500s by the Pope of the catholic church.  The Maya calendar predates that and that has now supposedly ended. Endings are just the beginning of something new.

I’m still waiting on the spaceship to come back, we all want a seat on the ship.  There is still a vast amount of time and space that if you take time to understand it as a human being it’s hard to wrap your head around.  Genuinely you have to be true in mind’s sight to really see it.  We ALL can see it right now if we just tried and took time to get away from the pressing issues and demands of society and become one with one.  The instruments to do it are there and by the status quo some say no, the others not on that train say YES.  I say Yes.  Let’s all say Yes.

Today for solstice the English Heritage, the organization that oversees Stonehenge, let 5,000 people gather by the stones.  Usually you can only be an onlooker behind fences and not even get close to the glory and reverberation of this massive astronomical and earthing structure.

I personally would of loved to been there with the pagans and druids and all the other beings that appreciate the magnitude of something as simple yet complex as Stonehenge.  It’s events like these that why i love our nature as people.

It’s relatable to seeing a great musical performance, something close to perfection in your own mind and relating to everyone else at the same exact moment.  Like reading someone else’s mind or knowing where the next part of the jam is taking the band.

Let the gates open!  We will see everyone in the Supernatural High Country soon enough!


’11 in Retro

Posted on Dec 28 , 2011 in News

As I look back upon the last year I can check some things off my “bucket list” in ways of music viewing.  I got to see for the first time in the flesh ZZ Top and Soundgarden.  Two of the most influential bands to hit the scene for a lot of people and this was the first year i got to see them.  To say I wish i could of seen them at a different time is kind of looking in hindsight…cuz i wasn’t born when ZZ Top was rocking europe in ’80 and I picking up a copy of Soundgarden’s SuperUnknown on cassette tape at a local phar-mor when i was 11 years old was the closest I got to hearing them at that point.

This past month I also got to see Kyuss in a reintroduced form…and it was just as good as the first form, but I never got to see them in the 90s either.  But all in hindsight.  For what bands are reemerging and showcasing how they still play is one of the highlights to show the songs that will never stop rotating throughout time.  Its good to see a band like Soundgarden playing songs that haven’t been played for 15 years.  Or bands like ZZ Top that still has all its original members after 40+ years.  It shows that the beat goes on…and the beat goes on…yeahhhh

We also lost that man.  Who anyone who rides around in the Supernatural High Country knows that space is the place when you’re driving down that lonesome highway….and the beat goes on.  Just got to know you ride it heavy until there’s no more time.  Next year is what we’re aiming for.  SHC in 2012


FLOOD! Get to a higher level

Posted on Sep 08 , 2011 in News

I just noticed that i haven’t posted something since APRIL…and it was RAINING and that’s kind of ironic to what i’m about to say…  Since now it’s FLOODing on from the “deep down Susquehanna River.”  The massive entity that flows into another massive entity known as the Chesapeake Bay into the Sea.  It’s raging!  Makes me glad i’m up by the “highway on the hill”, but at the same time where’s the boat?!

Right now some people don’t even know what there going to do about their homes, so everything else seems a lot less meaningless.  But hopefully everybody we know down in that area is hunkering down heavy rider style.  We are supposed to play one of our first all ages shows in a while on Saturday Sept 10th at Boondocks Club in York Haven PA….if the great flood of ’11 doesn’t have anything to say about it.  We will have an set of epic proportions because we are working on the greater story of the flood of ’11 known as the Supernatural High Country!  And as we speak we have are trying to transport Captain Pat by boat from the 10th floor in downtown HBG to Hi-Way Recording HQ.  It’s not an easy task and only a member #3 could do it!  So, let’s get to the action!!!


It’s been raining for days..but now we Celebrate!

Posted on Apr 20 , 2011 in News

We are doing something special for every ET, ED, CC and HR.


Today we are celebrating the 1 year anniversary of the release of First Blood and it’s always good to have gifts.  Presents to everyone to hear and here beyond.  We are letting everyone download First Blood in it’s entirety off 91SROCK.BANDCAMP.COM.  It will be available for download from 4/20 – 4/24/11.  So go get it NOW from 91SROCK.BANDCAMP.COM.  This is in celebration of music…the music 91s provide. 91ROCKS.BANDCAMP.COM

We’re not done….

Friday 4/22/11 91s will be playing a 30 minute set of epic proportions at the Lizard Lounge at Chameleon Club for the Launch Music Conference and Festival.  Our set time is at 8:15.  We will be throughout Lancaster this entire weekend at the record shops and all the music conference venues.  Hopefully we get more of the heavy riding out to some of the like minded riders. We will have CD copies of First Blood all weekend as well!



Game time…Pretzel Roll

Posted on Mar 10 , 2011 in News

So i started this night off with about 8 rounds of Yuengling Lager off the tap in the Yeti’s basement.  Always a memorable moment with the Yeti.  I dont know how many of us get to personally hang out with a Yeti multiple times in our lives, but it’s something to go for if you’re living at the edge of Earth.  It feels good to be king…in some way… and the Yeti will get you there!

That moment led to this moment..

This is the fuel!  This is the fire!  But it’s game time on a lot of fronts.  On our front we are in the 2nd round of the Heavy Planet March Bandness Bracket Breaker Psych Region Northern Lights!  Go here to vote:  Scroll down and vote 91s! The Yeti won’t be voting because he doesn’t know hot to use youtube….but you can vote for us.  Don’t be afraid to let other people know about 91s too, especially if you’re diggin it, freak.

We also had a great time playing out Tuesday night at Appalachian Brewing Co.  J Roddy Walston and The Business are a rock n’ roll band you must see

in the flesh!  Great stuff coming from Rod and the biz.  I wish i would of got some video of them…but Hippie Costanza got a little bit of video of us..

Everything is in motion, more to come!


Ninety-Ones (91s)

Posted on Feb 16 , 2011 in News

Looks like we are already rebranding ourselves… Not totally, but there is different ways to look at a piece of art or a name depending on your experiences in the past.  It seems like right from the beginning we have been getting variations of the band name.  Lots of people like calling it The 91’s (with the apostrophe….meaning we OWN it.) That is most common..but the way we intended was just 91s.  No possession and no “the.”  Like if it was written out:  Ninety-Ones.  I even just double checked to see if any musical groups are called “Ninety-Ones” and there are zero in this internet…maybe on a parallel internet yes.  So, don’t think it’s a different band if you see a t-shirt or maybe a show poster with the name Ninety-Ones on it…talk to member#3 or me..maybe the capt. too!!! Cosmic conquering you should expect from us three.

I have also caught an artistic/visual bug in a good way.  The other day I was about to start a show flyer for our show coming up March 8th with J Roddy Walston and the Business and i was searching for images on the net to do my usual cut, paste and photoshop deal but didn’t like anything i was seeing.  So i said “fuck it” and got on the ball for drawing some original artwork for the flyer.  It started off with a motion of the pen and turned into some outerspace psychedelic creation. Now we can all share!


We Do Big Things

Posted on Jan 26 , 2011 in News

I don’t know who else got amp’d up from Obama’s speech last night, but I did.  That man can give a hell of a speech!  It doesn’t even matter if you believe in what he is saying or not, the delivery is always on point.  I keep having the We Do Big Things motto in my head and it makes me want to go back to Cosmic College.  Oops…but i never left Cosmic College and have been there for at least half my life or more do to growing up with a Alley Yeti.  You need inspiration and sometimes a drinking game can make a speech that more epic from hearing the words jobs, America, invest(ment) and reform (double)…and for standing ovations as well, ha.

The We Do Big Things is hitting home right now because we are leading ourselves up the to the peak of the high country to Do Big Things.  Two weeks ago we started are first round of pre-production/writing for a new album.  We are taking our two giant handfuls of riffs and tunes and compiling into our finest piece of work.  It will be forged and heavy riding will be a mainstay for the remainder!  There is really no timetable on when it will complete since right now we are yet again doing it on our own.  But since its too early to tell what might come out of all this we won’t rest on being Settlers until us 3 know the time is RIGHT!

Since we are working on songs for a new album we aren’t going to be playing too much until the Spring.  Our next show will be Saturday Feb. 19th @ Coakley’s Irish Pub in New Cumberland PA.  This event is titled 91s vs Coakleys vs King Ghidorah in celebration of playing there at this same time last year. haha.  It was at the time our 2nd show ever and we really killed it…we also met Dick and the Deer Gutters that night!  Whooooweeee!  Come see us Feb. 19th at Coakley’s…


Intensify the End of 2010

Posted on Dec 22 , 2010 in News

This is your chance to make the most out of the last 9 days of this mother fuckin year of our sir lord baltimore 2010!!!!

We have just uploaded TWO tracks to our myspace player, Blue Skirt Demon and Hold Out.  Go do some heavy riding to the tracks if you haven’t got the album yet and do yourself a favor and live it up for the next year coming forward in the life our sacred calendar!!

91s are working on a bunch of new riffs, beats, vibes, rhymes, mood, throaty, tunes for a new album for up and coming year….most likely.  So that means we will be spending most of the winter months hibernating to create the solid body that will be SHC.  We are working on the ship….so it will be safe to burn into the new adventure!

Once we get a firm hand on the breast of sound, we will be setting up some awesome shows for the Spring of ’11.  Still trying to gauge where we will be displaying the sounds…trying to get some feedback still from that end of the bizzzzz.  But anyways everyone have a great end of the year and go out with a fucking BANG!  We will be hopefully seeing all of you very soon with some SUPER NATURAL sounds!


A year…let’s go for 2!!

Posted on Nov 17 , 2010 in News

This weekend will celebrate our first year of playing shows for all the Cosmic Crusaders and Earth Dwellers.  Lets give a hand to all the creative energy we have been putting out since last year and throwing it into the ears of the one’s who love to rock.!  Our show November 20th @ Spy Club will be our 365 and 1/3 day show that will celebrate our entry or reentry into the Earth’s atmosphere of sound!!!!!!

We hope that you all love every second of every day!  So keep pumping the jams and rocking the world because for the next 1 day to 365…we will be rocking with you all!  Thanks to to all the people who have given us a chance to have our songs play one time in your brain.  If you have experienced one song, one time you have experienced more than most people experience in their entire lifetimes! It’s a true statistic just ask your local politician……..

Right now the western hemisphere should pick up the new Classic Rock Magazine (PSYCH EDITION) which has a blurb about us and have the 91s as i believe track 1 on the compilation CD.  The track is…..WAR HAMMER.

It’s political…..


Classic Rock and Stock Sounds

Posted on Nov 03 , 2010 in News

November in the UK we are featured on the Classic Rock magazine compilation CD.  It’s available wherever you get that kind of rag in the UK….what’s a chain store that sells it?  You tell me!  I haven’t been to the UK in a long time.  Maybe they sell that mag at the local mart?  We are track 1 on the comp…and the track is War Hammer.  If you wanna hear War Hammer song you can go here.  Don’t worry it’s not a spam site…just myspace…….The track will also be in the December issue of Classic Rock magazine in the USA.  You can get that at Border’s, Barne’s and Noble’s maybe…if they stock up on the newest issue. ha.

Here’s some stock sounds recorded fresh just yesterday.  This footage is courtesy of Hippie Costanza.  I enjoyed doing it…i had to get some time in on the Moog cuz it has been a little bit since i played on it.  I dont know why I called it “Science” but that was the first word Moog reminded me of…

This friday night November 5th i’m excited to say that we will be opening up for Project Object featuring Ike Willis and Ray White doing Frank Zappa tunes.  Show starts at 8 pm.  It will be at the Appalachian Brewing Co. in Harrisburg PA.  This ties well in with my last post Wax-idemic….with my current disease i have picked up about 7 Zappa records in the last little bit of time.  Really get into his stuff on vinyl…So many records to encounter.