The Wax-idemic

Posted on Oct 25 , 2010 in News

There is something going on…and its been going on for a really long time.  There’s an itch in your ear and then it makes you want more.  Once you get the itch you’ll have it at different stages.  I’m not talking about an STD but something that deals with your audio well-being.  It’s a Wax-idemic!

That’s right brothers and sisters, it is something that can affect each and every little hair in what you hear and it starts with the turntable and some vinyl disease.  Recently more than ever I have personally been throttled by this “want” for more vinyl to my collection.  It started with getting a few selections from my dad’s stash of old records and then it turned to going to swap and flea markets to get some more gems.  Then it turns into almost a nasty NEED of going onto ebay and trying to find unique little gems you want in your personal collection.

Over the past few months it feels like I almost tripled my neat little collection of records.  Finding music from the early 70s and late 60s has been my mainstay for the moment.  It really is worth trying to find that original record you always wanted to hear in the original format of the time.  There’s uniqueness and what the sound gives you and what it takes from you from the impurities of that needle….but still tons of purity in the format your listening.

With how music is shaped nowadays with the mp3 format, (which i think is great for music) there is something about looking at the big record and listening to an album side A…then switching to side B.  The attention spans are lost but they can be found once you put a record on that you want to hear from beginning to end and get the satisfaction of what the artist was going for the whole way through.  That’s why 91s as a collective want very badly to put our next release out on vinyl/wax.  We all love what vinyl still does for music and why it needs to be on the format along with a digital format for the future seekers.

So if you have not yet started to see the Wax-idemic.  I hope this has made you WARNED!!!!


Band to Burn One to

Posted on Sep 02 , 2010 in News

Yet again we have had another cosmic rider get on the bandwagon.  The more the merrier…the more the scarrier!  We have been listed on a few websites as of yesterday, 9/1, as quote unquote NEW BAND TO BURN ONE TO.  A heavy rider by the name of Bufftbone was gracious enough to do a blog on us and distribute it to three websites he does blogs on.  Here’s the links to the blogs about us with the video and a blurb on our sound:

The Soda Shop

Heavy Planet


I’ve always wanted to have something listed on stonerrock.com!!  Check it out and take it to the next planet.  We will be playing twice next week in harrisburg and york PA….so if you’re central PA next week, now is your time to RIDE.


Album review from the Stoner Hive and more

Posted on Aug 17 , 2010 in News

Pat found an awesome review for us at stonerhive.blogspot.com the other day.  I believe, if my instincts provide true, it is from a guy in Sweden that happened to pick up the disc.  Seriously…probably one of the best reviews that could be written about the band.  It hits it on the nail so straight that it seems like one of us in the band wrote the review.  Guy did his research REALLY well….and has a great taste in tunes.  I even checked out Goatsnake in which he compared me to the vocalist on there and i’m into it.  Here’s the link that goes directly to the review:  91s First Blood Review on Stoner Hive.

We also got a little review from HBGOnline…..Its not as cool as the Stoner Hive review, but lets you get another perspective of the bands work.  It seems like so far we have been compared to a lot of bands in the stoner/rock genre….Grand Funk – Butthole Surfers.  You get the picture…Here’s the link to that review:  HBGOnline 91s First Blood review

Keep your riding on HEAVY


Hot Hot Basement

Posted on Aug 12 , 2010 in News

We haven’t been hitting the pavement for july or august at all….there is a reason we have been keeping to the hot hot basement aka dark country.  The reason….more tunes, more concepts, more of what you need to see the other side of the mountain.  Not to be too vague but we’re writing a new album.  I know, I know…we keep being vague about it…but its going to be that way until we get closer to releasing all the grandure and hype that we will more than certain live up to….

In the meantime, we do have two shows scheduled for September, so we can keep our show legs strong for the heavy riding.  September 5th, Sunday before Labor Day, 91s will be at Dragonfly Club for the 4 & 3 Music Fest.  There is going to be over 30 bands (a lot of good ones at that) and it will be on all three floors of the club.  We will be playing around 7:30 that night (early enough for you early birds) and most likely will be in the Spy Club part of the club.  We should have tickets real soon….  That same week, Sept 10, 91s will be in York, PA at The Depot with two great band Witch Hazel and Zelazowa.  That will be $5 and its going to kick your fucking ass!

Right now, like always, we have a bunch of things in the works to keep you earth dwellers and cosmic crusaders interested in the HEAVY RIDING.  Saturday we will be having some new and improved promo shots done by our good friend Nathaniel T.  We have some cool ideas for the pictures, but if any of you creative geniuses have any of your own ideas, please share them with us by emailing theburnmammoth@gmail.com.  We also are in the works of getting a new video together for a song off of First Blood.  The song will probably be Hold Out….so expect some visuals for that in the next month.  New shows also in the works for the fall time…we will KEEP YOU IN THE COUNTRY


Soul of the Earth

Posted on Jul 07 , 2010 in News

Sometimes she screams at me in my head and i don’t know if I’m awake or asleep.  Is there a possible coma on the way your constant pumping is making all of us spew into the mouth of the gully?  Its a big wide open mother fuckin gully and there’s no way to tell if it will stop when we say so.  The only hope we have is to see it burn into the abyss…cause that’s what Mother would have wanted.  You created it..and now you don’t know how to sort out all the nasty darkness from the Soul of the Earth.

The two unknown figures I see behind the blinders make it feel like there is something powerful watching us.  It always calls with no words or sound but the gesture of power.  This power makes me fly, makes me dance, makes me wanna be part of all your glory…but the pride of most, ruins the glory of you.  No running for you Mother, you can only look the nasty in the dead dead eye.

But eventually comes the part where you’ll have all us running scared.  We will never learn that the ignorant have always underestimated you since the beginning of our time.  There is no greed or pride with the swift swing of your sword.  Magnificence lies in the greatness of your body alone….and the last agitation will make you unravel and explode for what we have taken from the depths all our lives.  There is no compromise when it gets down to the bleeding of the Soul of the Earth.


That is a UFO…

Posted on Jun 25 , 2010 in News

Last night, my girlfriend and I were hanging out in the backyard of our house.  We thought it would be a cool idea to go out in the backyard party it up a little bit, enjoy the surroundings and see all the lightning bugs. 

We were standing there talking about something random looking into the northern sky when all of a sudden this flash appeared and then the flash streaked acrossed the sky for about 2 seconds and then burnt out.  At first i thought it looked like a flare or a firework of some kind, but i realized there was no sound whatsoever with the flash.  No bang…no boom…nothing. 

So i started trying to rationalize just because it was a freaky thing to witness.  I was hoping it was an actual UFO, but i started using my science mind and thinking maybe it was a satellite burning up in the atmosphere or an asteroid or shooting star of sorts.  It also reminded me of images i’ve seen before of explosions in the sky…space shuttles/planes exploding.  I wanted to run to where I thought it landed just to see if it could be explained.  But still I can’t.

We are playing this Saturday night at Bube’s Brewery…..you will see many UFOs out there!  To the galaxy we go…


Your experience is infected

Posted on Jun 07 , 2010 in News

Haven’t really been posting blogs or the such online as of lately.  Its mostly do to the fact that i have been battling this ear problem for the last week and a half.  Two thursday’s ago I started getting this pain and swelling in my right ear.  We played the show we had scheduled at now the worst venue in central PA, Gullifty’s, and after that show the next day it was even worse.

Last Monday, taking the safe route father than being stubborn, I decided to go to the doctors to get it checked out.  He pretty much said it looked like the outer part of the ear was infected which he then “lanced” my ear and let some of fluid drain out of it.  It was a little painful but it did the trick for the time being.

When Friday rolled around, i noticed that i was getting this bigger goider(sp?) near my ear lobe.  It kind of freaked me out so i showed it to my personal nurse, kristin, and she said the ear looked better than it was so i gave it a few more days.  Now today i feel a lot better..i’m not taking anything for the pain and it looks like the goider turned into a full blow pimple which i proceeded to pop the fucker this morning.  So i’m going to be positive and hopefully this infection/pimple is gone by the weekend.  I felt like i needed to share this because this truly put me in a bubble for about a week and a half.  Being a musician too…its scary to think your hearing is messed up from something in your ear.  Since my ears are my vessle for heavy riding!

I’m also going to address the last show for a moment.  Pretty much I feel like the band and the other bands…even the patrons of the last show got shafted.  First off, you don’t tell me 5 minutes before the shows going to start that the show is going to end an hour earlier than stated.  We advertise a time and tell people a time and you don’t change it up last second.  The patrons got shafted do to the bartender working the downstairs was down right horrible and didn’t give a shit…who the fuck is going to what to go back to your place if your bartender isn’t serving anybody and is just bitching about who the hell knows…

Also the bands brought out about 30-40 people….its not the greatest number, but it was Memorial Day weekend and we adverstised like crazy too.  But in the end, none of the bands got paid for the night.  So to make this to the point since i do not want to seem too bitchy, I will never play that venue again.  I’m not fuckin 18 or 19 anymore where i will swallow the shit a venue puts in front of me…i’m 27 and if you act like that i’m going to tell you FUCK OFF.

Anyways, next show is June 18th at Appalachain Brewing Company w/ The Refugees and The Jelly Bricks…..


International Heavy Riding

Posted on May 20 , 2010 in News

So, i put the vibe and conciousness out for people from all nations to join in on the heavy riding ….and some people have listened!  I dont know if it was from reading the last blog or if it was from the thoughts in my brain transcending thru space into the minds of the KNOWING.  Thanks to the person in France and the person from Rio De Janeiro Brazil who have purchased the album this past week.  I will be contacting you to see what you think or how you found out the brave words of…heavy riding.

Now if you haven’t bought the album and wanna join suit, just visit any of the links that will take you to the sounds.  It would be amazing to have the countries of Switzerland, Japan, Belgium, Holland and more to join in on the sound expansion as well.  This is all for the cause of heavy riding expansion and all of us are generals in the fold.  Hopefully this is only the beginning of the affect 91s will be having on the international community.  Maybe one day we’ll get picked up by an international label and we will bring the heavy riding right to your eardrum live.  Lets become a massive symbol of what is it take the feeling and make it into a lifestyle!


Get your tracks herrrreee!!

Posted on May 12 , 2010 in News

Rocking out to The Feds, Big Foot Goes to Heaven.

First Blood is now up on iTunes and Amazon finally…since i got my ass together and finalized all the inbetween items that need to be done for shit like that.  So you can now purchase the digital file of the album on the magnificent internet.  Whoever is reading this right now, just go buy a few tracks for our sake!  Just so we know that some heavy riding is being done somewhere out the bubble we are currently riding in.  We also need the Nielsen hits..(joking)..we’re beyond that stuff which is killing the unknowing brainnnn.  I know there some people in Sweden and Germany…even Japan that probably would like to see what were doing…so if you’re reading this too…go GET some First BLOOD.

Things are working over here…we are working…many idea mounting and storming.  So when they get a little more solid in the next month we will let you all the cavernous details…goes its getting DEEEEP.

Check out the flier for the next show…i like spelling it flyer, but that’s WRONG.  Fuck it, the flyer is sharp like the blade.

Time to get back to the SHC….


Don’t stand still now

Posted on May 06 , 2010 in News

There’s so much going on around you at this very moment.  Think about it.  From the car moving down the street to the inch worm slithering across the grass since it rained today.  The very Earth you are standing on is in constant motion.  If we weren’t in motion, quite frankly, we would die.

That TV show you had to watch last night…that will be there.  We can come back to it, especially in this day and age.  DVR is going to turn into saving a entire tv show on a hard drive on your watch and you can access that information thru wifi or some other thing thru your TV.  Its happening…technology keeps going.  The Earth keeps moving.  So Don’t Stand Still Now.