Demons Hiding in the Album..

Posted on Apr 26 , 2010 in News

Sometimes there are demons hiding, demons hiding in the deep….

And once you find that demon, you don’t know if you should leave it alone or burn it up like the demon it has turned out to be.

Thats an inside thing…

Anyways, we had a lot of fun @ Mercado’s this past Saturday.  Met some new people, hung out with some great people and jammed with an awesome musician by the name of Aaron Miller.  You can check out his band A Public Betrayal…

We might actually be down at Mercado’s sometime in the next couple months, they liked us enough to invite us back.  So we might take them up on that offer since the vibe was nice and the beers were pumpin along with the tunes.  They also didn’t tell us turn down….we should of actually turned up!!!

We actually had our friend Sean, take the first 91s live video in recorded history.  It is somewhere lurkin on facebook…it was a minute and a half worth of the song War Hammer…but it is out there.

The album is now up for sale on CD Baby.  There is a very limited copies available so get one before they are all gone.  You can pick it up here by clicking on the link…

91s: First Blood

Next show will be this sunday May 2nd @ Dragonfly Club.  Pearl will be headlining along with Planeside, Digital Elvis and Deezle Church.  We still have tix for sale, so hit one of us up for those.  Doors at 7 pm…we will be playing 2nd.  We will also be scheduling some more shows for the summer so keep a lookout for those…..


Thank you, Thank you

Posted on Apr 16 , 2010 in News

Thanks to every single person that came out to a show in either Rhode Island or Pennsylvania last weekend.  The roadtrip from RI to HBG was freaking awesome!!!  Probably one of the best times i’ve had with band members on a road trip.  Its a totally different vibe with us, we’ve been friends for so long its just like a party every moment we’re together.

We officially started selling the debut album First Blood this past weekend and have sold about 1/3 of our limited release pressing of the album.  A special thanks to anyone who picked up the album.  It really helps motivate the cosmic workings in our brains and makes us want to dive into writing new material asap.  The official release date of First Blood is next week on 4/20.  Some other great musical talents are also bringing out a disc on 4/20….Willie Nelson and Cypress Hill.  I can only wonder why….

We have a show on 4/24 @ Mercado’s in harrisburg.  The rocking will be in full force with our friend Aaron Miller joining in on the heavy riding.  We will be playing 2 full sets and Aaron will be doing an acoustic set….we also hopefully we’ll get Aaron up on some jams with us as well.

I’m still waiting for tickets for the Pearl, Planeside, Digital Elvis show @ Dragonfly on 5/2.  As soon as I get them we will be getting them into your lovely finger tips.  Until we see ya, keep the riding HEAVY!!!


Moog is on the album…

Posted on Apr 08 , 2010 in News

There is something that we left out on the album credits that i wish we didn’t have.  I played Moog on the album.  If you haven’t noticed, there is those certain sounds on songs that don’t sound like a guitar or bass…its the MOOG. 

Check out the songs once you get the album and see if you can figure what songs have Moog and where it is in the songs.  Sometimes its subtle and somtimes its in your face.  I really love the Moog and all the sounds you can get from it.  I currently own the Lil Phatty Tribue Edition….Bob Moog’s last synth he created.  All the Moog sounds came from that bad ass piece of machine.

The more and more we write, hopefully the more spacey we become with some moog here and there.  Maybe one day it will eventually hit out live show, maybe not.  But it does make the recordings sound just that more awesome to your ear hairs….



Warm Shots

Posted on Apr 02 , 2010 in News

It feels great outside right now.  It doesn’t feel great to be stuck inside though.  So if anyone is reading this at exactly this moment, or the next few hours, go out and enjoy it for me…..

As of this week, The Thing with Two Dicks is not playing the album release party.  Not sure why, we were going to pay them, it was going to be a real cool show, people that wouldn’t ever think about going to see them do their thing would show up and see them.  But i guess when you have other plans, you have other plans.  So they will not be at the album release….so make way for DJ iBones!!!  Thats right, who can stay up with the fury of the iBones…try me.

I seriously don’t mind talking shit when i feel its appropriate.  It gets old when deal with flake balls of people…

Anyways, the album release is going to be the best thing going on Saturday April 10th.  I dare you find something better than seeing us and Vulgarrity deliver some fine fine rock music.  Don’t be lame and just go to a bar you hangout every week and do the same old shit….come down to a fuckin rock show, and get your rocks off!!!


We are ALIVE

Posted on Mar 31 , 2010 in News

We are ALIVE

Thats right, the new www.91spot.com site is now up.  You can see all that you want to see here….or get linked to it from here for the 91s.  Hopefully everyone gets into what this band of energy trying to get our minds into sounds and sounds to come.  First Blood tracks are up on the net right now.  Check it out on either myspace or facebook.  You can also check out the feature video on the hompage featuring Haitian Lady.

BIG THANKS goes out to @jutimes with Mindburn Solutions for helping get this site together.  I’m a noob with web shit sometimes and i can’t help it. ha

Butt flash…gotta go!!!!



Posted on Mar 30 , 2010 in News

Tonight i was out at the local book album and buy store, whatever you want to call it, and picked up Charles Bukowski book Post Office. Been wanting to read a Bukowski book for a while and get into his work a little bit.  I almost went with Blood Meridian by Cormac McCarthy, but i have already read two of his books so decided that will be one for down the road.  But i’m definitely looking forward to reading this story, his style of writing his kind of dark and funny.

Also picked up Valley of Neptune by Jimi Hendrix.  Its a unreleased studio album with the unreleased song Valley of Neptune on it.  Hendrix is always an easy buy….Too bad my mac’s cd/dvd drive is fucked right now….or i would be listening to it.  The lowsy drive is making some really sad noises…i think its hit the end of the road..


Mixing complete…time for First Blood

Posted on Mar 26 , 2010 in News

Its a few months in the making at this point for First Blood to come to the end of its mixing/recording run.  (I guess we could say 3 months to be exact.)  The end of the beginning is just that.  This album will have legs, arms, brain and a heart to beat to anyone who gives it a listen.

This was my first time mixing a full length album for any band, let alone a band i’m also playing in.  It became a very concentrated and cosmic experience the way of listening and picking out things with the sounds and songs.  It kind of flipped my head at times and made me feel overwhelmed (maybe its the whole deadline thing…), but i always focused on the goal of getting this album to a rock standard that many levels of listeners could love… or hate.

With any music I produce, I always wish i had more time to mix.  Its such a tedious process sometimes where I don’t want to keep fixing stuff for too long or the rawness of the dry recordings could be losed and thats something i wanted to keep with this first record for the 91s.  Thats usually my only fear…I always have a great respect for the rawness of the sound, how it should sound entering that microphone.  There are those sounds on the album that everyone will hear that you know some production trick was added, but thats all in the vein of flavor and making the hair on your ears twitch.  Thats a side of recording i’m learning to embrace as much as the rawness of the recording.  As with anyone starting out or being a young producer, its a feeling out process of how to get certain sounds.  I feel like this record demonstrates the sound we are trying to achieve and this is just the first step into bigger things for the next album.

Before i start thinking about the next album too much already, this album will def get your rock socks off. haha.  We should be receiving the finished product, album artwork and disc, from the magical printing press early next month.  Then we will be on the promotion boat for a while making sure we get our hardwork into the ears and minds…So be alert my friends, it will be here soon.


Join us in the worm hole…

Posted on Mar 10 , 2010 in News

Right now we are working on mixing First Blood.  Its a process and a half (yes, we are the UFO seen doing the music edits and mixing in the starry sky.) but we are loving every moment of it.  For First Blood we decided to DIY everything.  So the sounds you hear, the images you see and the producing that was done was by myself (bones), Capt. Pat and Member #3 (Woolf).

I think i can speak for the rest of the 91s this is the best work we have done so far in our life span on Mother Earth.  As of todays Earth date, i’m currently working on adding effect and hardness (maybe smoothness) to the guitars.  Yesterday, just got done getting the bass and drums dialed in…and i might still do a little bit of work on those as well. 

We have a bunch of photos from recording, but they have not been put up on the world wide web, since we are too busy with some things…but in do time.


First Blood

Posted on Mar 10 , 2010 in News

Its with great excitement that we are letting all you cave dwellers and cosmic crusaders know that we will be releasing our first full length album very soon!  The album title will be First Blood….

First Blood will consist of 10 tracks mostly in the rock/psych/stoner vein that we love running our blood through.  It will send you on whirlwind of groove and some fast paced excursions.  It really has something for anyone if they are living in the clouds or slithering through a hole.  The main theme of the album is sex, drugs and rock n’ roll…without being cliche.

We are anticipating the release of First Blood on 4/2010.  There is no exact street date, since we have to wait for the UFO to bring it back from outerspace.  (Aliens have a great way of producing and mastering albums.)  A track listing will be given once all the details are worked out.

The album release party will be on 4/10/10 at the Appalachian Brewing Co in Harrisburg PA.  Also performing the party will be Vulgarrity and providing the party music The Thing with Two Heads.  Show begins at 9 pm and is free to enter.


We are…91s

Posted on Mar 10 , 2010 in News

It has been a heavy ride to get where we are at right now.  91s have been friends for years and it just seemed to happen that we all love stoner, psychedelic rock n’ roll…

That being said, we are looking forward to bringing our brand of music to your ears and eyes.  We have been working on this yetti of a project since about May of 2009.  Its something that all three of us say is our most special project to date.  We live the music and hope for you to breathe it in and out with us.

There seems like there is no use to tell you where we are from and where we are going right now since its all has to be manifested first.  And trust the cosmos, we are working on everything.  But for now, just take in what the 91s are providing for your heavy riding!